Sam Blåsvær


My name is Sam – I'm a senior full stack web developer veteran. You could also see me as a pure front end developer. Despite that I still use the most efficient tools and techs for developing contemporary web solutions. I started fiddling with HyperCard stacks on a Mac Classic II back in 1993. A year later I moved onto an LC 475 on which I wrote a lot of LINGO in MacroMind/MacroMedia Director. After that I kind of lost track of all the Mac's and PC's I've owned since then. I consider myself a web generalist with a broad skill set spanning backend to frontend, databases, UX, UI design, design, print, typography … well, I generally solve problems (or take on challenges, if you prefer).



Pretty alone doesn’t cut it. It also have to actually work.


Well organized and structured architecture for both performance and maintenance durability.


Clean, Well Structured and Well Performing Design.

Clean code

Well Commented, Whitespace Analized, Optimized, Handwritten HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Technical Skills

HTML100  %
This is a basic skill in the front end department. Without it you can forget about everything else.
JavaScript100  %
The engine language of the frontend.
CSS100  %
The presentation layer of front end development. The stuff that make things look right.
SCSS100  %
My preferred pre-processor for CSS, flexible and versatile.
PHP90  %
My preferred backend tech, slowly giving way to node.js.
Node80  %
My latest adventure into the backend of things. And for my front end build proces, of course.
Git90  %
I use Git to control versions of my work.
MySQL90  %
Done most of my relational database work on this.
PostgreSQL80  %
My latest adventure into the relational realm.
JSDoc100  %
My preferred way of creating API documentation.
C#80  %
After working on the .NET platform for about a decade I decided to abandon it due to way to much configuration clumsiness.
Handlebars90  %
My favorite template engine for precompiled templates that enable me to do repetitive rendering tasks on the client – not bothering the server with generating views. And lets me keep my code and markup separated.
MongoDB80  %
My Document Database of choice.
Jeet Grid System90  %
My preferred grid system for responsive layout. Abandoned due to the progress of CSS in general and CSS Grid in particular.
… and a couple hundred more.

Software Skills

Adobe InDesign100  %
After working in QuarkXPress for many years, this has been my favorite layout application for more that 15 years.
Modo (3D)70  %
After owning Electric Image Animation System and LightWave 3D, I switched to Modo back in 2005 half a year after its initial release.
Sublime Text90  %
My favorite text editor for coding tasks. Always some new tricks to learn …
Adobe Photoshop100  %
I’ve used Photoshop for the last 22 years, starting with version 2.5.1. back in 1993.
… and a couple hundred more.