Sam Blåsvær


My name is Sam – I’m a senior full stack web developer veteran. You could also see me as a pure front end developer. Despite that I still using the most efficient tools and techs for developing contemporary web solutions.

I started fiddling with HyperCard stacks on a Mac Classic II back in 1993. A year later I moved onto an LC 475 on which I wrote a lot of LINGO in MacroMind/MacroMedia Director. After that I kind of lost track of all the Mac’s and PC’s I’ve owned since then.

I consider myself a web generalist with a broad skill set spanning backend to frontend, databases, UX, UI design, design, print, typography …



Well organized and structured architecture for both performance and maintenance durability.


Clean, Well Structured and Well Performing Design.

Clean code

Well Commented, Whitespace Analized, Optimized, Handwritten HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Technical Skills

… and a couple hundred more.

Software Skills

… and a couple hundred more.