Danske Bank – Børsen takeover

Børsen takeover banner for Danske Bank.

See the actual banner here.

APM Terminals

Branding Guide website for APM Terminals.

Danske Bank – Netbank

Netbank section of Danske Bank website.


WordPress solution for the creative agency Sherif.

The client was a no tech chick, that needed an easy-to-use solution for maintaining a portfolio without all the hassle.

A WordPress and half an hour of training did the job.

See website here.

Green Menu Planner

Web app design for Green Menu Planner.

Danica Pension

Another banner add campaign for Danica Pension.

See actual banner here.

Warning! Ancient technology (Flash) used, view at your own risk.

Download flash player: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


Branding Guide website for Holmegaard.

Kay Bojesen

Branding Guide website for Kay Bojesen.


Website for AcceptCard.


Various banner campaigns.

See a few of the banners here.